How To Know What A Roof Ice Dam Looks Like |

How To Know What A Roof Ice Dam Looks Like

Roof ice dam runoff

A roof ice dam can cause costly repairs if not caught early. There are signs to help you identify you have a potential problem. A simple walk around your home to do an inspection can reveal that ice dams are forming on your roof. You can do this without climbing onto the roof. Most of these signs can be seen from a walk around at ground level.

Here are several warning signs that you may have a roof dam:

  • Water stains on exterior walls- This is done from inside your home. Take a walk along the exterior walls and take note of any water stains or signs of moisture. Keep track of the location so you can match the area with the section of the roof that may be leaking because of an ice dam. The moisture may be entering from another spot, but this will give you a starting point.
  • Icicles around the gutters- If you see icicles hanging from the gutters, don’t assume that an ice dam has formed at that location, but it is a good indication that one may be starting to form in that area. Keep track of that spot to do further inspection. 
  • The area around the skylights- This can be hard to see from the ground so you will want to contact a roofing contractor to get a closer look at the roof. Don’t attempt to climb up to the roof yourself. 
  • Water running down the siding- An ice dam can block your gutter so water cannot properly drain. Instead, there may be places where water overflows the side of the gutter and down the outside of your home. This usually leaves stains that can be seen when examining the siding.

Many people routinely clean the gutters every year to prevent ice dams. If you suspect ice dams are forming that may cause a water leak on the roof or siding, you must take action quickly. Damage to interior walls or wood structures may occur if left untreated over time. Roofing contractors have tested methods to eliminate the forming of ice dams. Please consider contacting Allstate Exteriors with any questions about ice dams or other roofing and exterior concerns. We have been proudly serving customers in the Central Ohio area since 2002. Schedule an inspection early before the winter arrives and keep your home protected during the winter months.