DIY Roof Replacement: Cost Analysis For The Frugal Homeowner|

The REAL Price Of A DIY Roof Replacement? Cost Analysis For The Frugal Homeowner:

The REAL Price Of A DIY Roof Replacement? Cost Analysis For The Frugal Homeowner:

Most homeowners are looking for ways to cut home improvements and repair costs. Doing some of the work yourself is a great way to save money, but you need to consider the actual costs when deciding which jobs to handle yourself and which are better left to the professionals.  

The Real Price of a Roof Replacement

  • Labor – Consider that you will need to schedule time off from work to install the roof. This time off also needs to be coordinated with others helping you. Some homeowners believe they can do the job alone but soon realize that carrying roof shingles up a ladder to the roof is very difficult to do alone. Homeowners often contact roofing contractors after they start an installation and then realize the project’s true scope.
  • Time to Completion – The time needed for a roof replacement needs to include preparation, installation, clean-up, waiting for construction permits, inspections, and other factors. All these can contribute to taking more time than expected to complete the installation. Inexperienced helpers also add to this equation.
  • Necessary Additional Repairs – A professional roofing company will do a complete inspection before starting the installation. During this careful examination of your roof, any damage to underlayment, structure, or other parts of your roof system will be uncovered and added to the time of completion and cost. It is difficult for a homeowner without extensive experience in roofing to spot these problems. A new roof installed over faulty decking or structure problems will certainly have a reduced lifespan and potentially need repairs. These repairs cannot be skipped, or problems will surface during the worst time, such as during a storm.
  • Equipment Costs – Depending on the design of your roof, completing the job may require additional equipment. Extension ladders, scissors lifts, commercial nail guns, air compressors, shingle cutters, tarps in case of bad weather, Pry-bars, and other tools may be required to do the job correctly. Each helper will need tools. Renting these tools and equipment will drive up the overall cost.
  • Injury Risk -No one wants to think about this, but inexperienced roofers are unfamiliar with all the aspects of navigating a roof with different slopes and angles. Handling unfamiliar tools is also a risk. Your helpers may be family members or friends who are anxious to help you save on the cost of roof installation and disregard the possible dangers. 
  • No Warranty – A warranty may not cover work done by a homeowner. This lack of coverage could wind up costing you over time. You may get a manufacturer’s warranty for defective materials, but nothing for poor workmanship. You will be responsible for the cost if significant repairs are necessary in the future.
  • Clean-up – After the job is complete, the clean-up begins. This clean-up involves removing all debris from the area, including landscaping near the home, driveway, and walkways. You will need a dumpster to haul everything away. Old roofing can be heavy. More than one person is needed to complete the clean-up process promptly. 

Additional Concerns

Like all construction projects, sometimes damage is discovered while doing a job. This damage needs to be repaired before continuing with installing the new roof. There may be bent or damaged flashing, gutters pulled away from the house, or damage to a chimney. Materials and extra time will be needed if this situation arises. Another problem that has become more common in recent years is lengthy delays in material delivery. These potential delays result in the need to coordinate a new time frame for the completion of the project. Hopefully, none of these problems will materialize, but you must be aware of the possibility.

The Bottom Line

Roof replacement involves all of these steps and more. The goal is to be aware of the scope of the construction before starting work to minimize frustration and estimate a realistic time frame for the completion of the project.

Saving money by thinking out of the box is commendable as long as you consider all these aspects of roof installation. Most homeowners realize the savings are far less than what was initially calculated in the budget. Additionally, a professional installation is a better solution to avoid the danger of injury to inexperienced family and friends recruited to assist with the construction. A professional roofing company will be able to help you install a quality roof safely. 

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