Why Selecting Materials Is An Important Part Of Your Roof |

Why Selecting Materials Is An Important Part Of Your Roof

Why Selecting Materials Is An Important Part Of Your Roof

You know you have to pick out materials for your central Ohio home’s new roof. You also know you have almost no understanding or interest in roofing materials. So why is it important to care about which ones you select? Selecting the right roofing materials is nearly as important as selecting the right contractor. 

Good Enough?

Most people prefer not to be operated on by surgeons who were last in their class in medical school. Similarly, you probably want a contractor who uses quality roofing materials and knows how to install them well. 

Roofing materials come in various price lines, from “good” (which is, more or less, “good enough to get by”) to “better” to “best.” A conscientious roofing contractor will not try to upsell you into a budget-buster. Very new homes need luxury shingles. 

For most Ohio homeowners, a “better” quality shingle will offer a great return on investment (ROI): 

  • Basic three-tab shingles made from inferior raw materials seldom last more than a decade
  • Mid-range shingles made by a well-known roofing materials manufacturer easily last two decades
  • Architectural and designer shingles, which are usually very thick and have high-quality raw materials, offer excellent wear, curb appeal, and a high ROI
  • Luxury shingles may be needed for some locations exposed to high winds or sea salt spray

In metal roofing, similar pricing patterns emerge, with “economical” metal panel roofing made from thin, light metals. You can follow the dollar signs all the way up to native copper sheets, the ultimate luxury roofing material. 

Your comfort level and price point will most likely be in mid-range metal panel products, where hefty galvalume, galvanized steel, or thick aluminum will predominate. 

Name Brands

Working with a local, reliable roofer with connections to name brand roofing manufacturer’s materials gives you an advantage over the casual roofer who uses random materials. 

The larger manufacturers — Owens Corning, for example — are big enough to perform their own research and development, making improvements in their products that directly benefit roofers and homeowners. 

Owens Corning, for example, offers these recent innovations in their better shingle lines: 

Quality Installer

We said at the outset that selecting the right materials — investing in the highest quality of materials you can reasonably afford — is nearly as important as selecting the right contractor. Why?

Roofing is a skilled trade. You need years of experience, a lot of expensive tools, and great industry connections to perform the work well. Just about anybody can buy and slap down shingles; just check the roofing section of a big-box home improvement store on a Saturday for proof. To do the job well, to roof an Ohio home correctly, takes real skill and dedication. 

A good roofing contractor’s team of highly trained installers can put down the lowliest “economical” three-tab shingle with such skill that it will likely outlast such a material’s average life span. A bad contractor can ruin the most expensive luxury shingles in a single afternoon of inept installation. 

Your Ohio home’s roof protects the entirety of your other possessions, after all, so choose quality materials. You should care just as much — more, really — about the contractor installing your chosen materials. 

Combine superior materials, a good manufacturer, and a great installer for a winning combination:

  1. You invest in well-made materials that use premium raw products in their manufacture
  2. You go with a trusted, reputable roofing materials manufacturer that backs its materials with a good warranty
  3. You have the high-quality, well-made roofing materials installed by a dedicated, professional roofing team

Buyer Beware

As we wrap up this neighborly advice column, we want to caution against a common scam used by disreputable roofers. You need a new roof, and somebody shows up with “a load of leftover shingles from the last job.” This is a complete scam, one which too many Ohioans fall for every year. 

The “leftover” shingles are of inferior quality and do not include all the components of full roof replacement such as drip edge, ridge vents, underlayment, water and ice shield — we could go on, but you get the idea. Every little item increases your costs. 

Those “leftover” shingles also have no warranty attached to them. They will be sloppily installed by untrained day crews picked up from those big-box store parking lots. 

With metal roofing, scams can be even more expensive and worrying. Pinch pennies and you should prepare for leaks and misery!

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