Taking A Look At The Process Behind Allstate Exteriors' Services |

Taking A Look At The Process Behind Allstate Exteriors’ Services

Taking A Look At The Process Behind Allstate Exteriors' Services

Home improvements generally fall into two categories: emergency repairs and planned renovations. For both types, you can rely on one company to handle your home with TLC. Though the time frames may differ slightly between the two categories, the process behind all of the services offered by Allstate Exteriors & Restoration Services, LLC. is the same. 

Storm Damage

After a storm ravages your Florida, Iowa, or Ohio home, you need prompt action by a contractor you can trust. Contractors are accustomed to working with insurance companies, but not all contractors treat storm damage equally. 

Look for a contractor familiar with supplemental insurance, strong affiliations to leading manufacturers, and a commitment to completing every job — big or small — to the customer’s satisfaction. 

After you file an insurance claim, Allstate will work closely with you to provide documentation of the damage, an estimate of repairs needed, and a complete Scope of Work with full details. This ensures you get the maximum benefits from your insurance company and your home is fully restored. 

Home Remodeling

Most residential contractors do not fill their days exclusively with insurance claim repair work to roofs, gutters, and siding. They also handle planned remodeling and improvements. You can add curb appeal and boost home value with a wisely selected facelift of new siding, a new roof, or other updates. 

Selecting the right contractor for a home improvement project, like storm restoration, is critical to success. You want someone dependable, with a proven track record, and a dedicated, highly trained crew. 

One benefit to planning a home improvement project is your opportunity to expand your horizons. You may have wanted only new, gleaming gutters for your home. When you meet with a friendly Allstate representative, you may see that a project of, say, fresh siding and gutters makes sense. 

Perhaps a roof and siding project done together will update your home and significantly increase curb appeal. Your home will already be slightly disrupted by one job; you can minimize the time frame and get your sparkling new facelift faster by combining projects. 

The Process

Allstate Exteriors is determined to help homeowners protect their families and defend their homes. Through many facets of advertising, we’re trying to save homeowners from “Chuck in a truck” contractors. We reassure homeowners by giving them transparent contracts on what work is to be done, we are negotiable when it comes to price to fit the homeowner’s needs, and we are right by your side through this 7 step process:

  1. Our scheduling team will work with you to find a convenient appointment for an initial assessment; naturally, emergency services take priority over planned remodeling, but we will do everything we can to get to you as quickly as possible.
  2. The initial appointment at your home will include a complete inspection, photographs, and (if needed) video, measurements, paperwork, and details about the project. If the call is for emergency storm repair, we will place tarps over your roof and do all we can to prevent further damage.
  3. Your project is loaded into our system, so nothing is overlooked. The paperwork and project are approved by our production coordinator.
  4. The production manager verifies measurements, inspects pictures and video, orders materials (using all resources available to secure the lowest price and earliest delivery), writes up the Work Order, including a Scope of Work and detailed crew instructions, and prepares notes needed for complicated aspects of the job or safety measures required.
  5. Your project is scheduled, with 99 percent of the jobs falling within a two- to four-week window after Step 3; the actual schedule is highly dependent on material availability, shipping, and delivery, all of which is beyond our control.
  6. Project managers and the quality control manager will oversee the first day of the project to ensure proper repairs and installation.
  7. The project manager or another Allstate representative will return when the project is completed, inspecting the work, producing a punch list of final tasks, and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Many homeowners are surprised to find the process is very similar, whether for emergency storm repair to a roof or a long-contemplated home renovation project of fresh, new siding. In both categories of home improvement, the contractor and crew are critical to success. 

Selecting the ideal contractor is easier than you may realize. Look for a contractor able to show a real physical address in your community, proper licensing and insurance, and a record of satisfied customers. We can save you a step on this: look for Allstate Exteriors & Restoration Services, LLC. 

Not all restoration services and contractors are the same. Please contact us today at Allstate Exteriors & Restoration Services, LLC to learn more about our services. You may also call our offices in Cape Coral, Florida, at (239) 319-6069 or Central Ohio at (614) 826-6788.