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Residential Repair

Dependable Residential Roof Repair

Residential roofing repairs are an important investment in extending the lifespan of your home. Common signs of roof damages include curled shingles, a sagging roof deck, and interior stains. Reaching out to Allstate Exteriors is always a good idea to help you determine the number of repairs needed for your roof. Our goal is to always provide exceptional service and quality work at all times.

Man with orange hard hat inspecting roof

Roof Inspection

A roof inspection plays a key role in ensuring the structural integrity of your roof remains stable and intact. Allstate Exteriors will evaluate your entire residential roof to identify any areas in need of potential repairs or replacement.

Emergency Roof Repair

A severe storm can cause significant damage to your roof in a short amount of time. Being available at a moment’s notice plays a key role in emergency residential roof repair services.

Roof that has major damage to it

Hail damage marked on shingle roof

Hail Damage

A hail storm can ruin your roof in only a short amount of time. Scheduling roof repair work is essential in limiting any damages to your home.

Wood Rot Repair

Wood rot can quickly spread and weaken the structure of your home. You can prevent this dire scenario by using our professional roofing services.


Vents on either side of the ridge cap

Ridge Vents & Roof Ventilation

Ridge Vents & Roof Ventilation

A well-ventilated roof is a great way to increase energy efficiency for your home. A roofing contractor can repair these ridge vents to ensure everything is working correctly.

Roof and Ice Damage

Ice dams can cause your roof to leak and lead to significant damages. One of the best ways to protect your roof is to let a professional install a protective shield along your roof eaves to prevent ice dams.

Snow on roof

Inspecting a roof

How to Prevent Major Roof Damage

It is always a good idea to schedule a roofing inspection after major storms or at least once a year.

When Might You Need Residential Roofing Repairs?

Noticing visible damage after a storm, finding granules in your gutters, or experiencing a leaky roof are all common signs of needing roof repairs.

Replacing hunter green shingles on a roof

Roof Leak Repair

What Should You Do If You Find a Leak?

Give us a call to schedule a free inspection before the damage gets worse. We guarantee you will receive the best roofing repair services available!