5 Potential Causes Of Your Metal Roof Leak (& How To Fix It) |

5 Potential Causes Of Your Metal Roof Leak (& How To Fix It)

5 Potential Causes Of Your Metal Roof Leak (& How To Fix It)

Metal roofs are remarkable for their durability and longevity. Still, like any roof, a metal roof can leak. The challenge is knowing how to fix leaking metal roof panels, fasteners, or flashing. For that, you need the skills and experience of a professional metal roofing contractor. 

Install It Well

Many water leaks from metal roofing can be prevented if your roof is installed expertly and well by skilled roofers. Metal roofing is an investment; one roof can last 50 years. The installation needs to be done by a residential roofer who regularly installs and maintains metal roofs. 

The same roofer who properly installs metal panel roofing, standing seam, or metal shingles is the roofer to turn to for routine maintenance. That roofer will also be able to diagnose the rare roof leak in your metal roof. 

Fix It Fast

Metal roofs cannot rot, crack, burn, split, or break. So how can water find its way into your attic and living space? Though extremely rare, water can infiltrate a metal roof at some tiny weak points. Metal roofs do not heal themselves, so contact your skilled metal roofing contractor to inspect these usual suspects:

  1. Metal fasteners—The screws and clips attaching metal roofing to battens and sheathing can corrode, loosen, or fail; they can be misaligned, overdriven, or underdriven into the metal roofing; your professional roofer knows how to inspect every fastener and replace any that are problematic
  2. Stack flashings—Sanitary stacks and other roof piercings require rubber boots around them; these flashings can become brittle and split over time, allowing small amounts of water to drip past the metal roof and saturate sheathing
  3. Sealants—Caulking and other roof sealants dry out; sometimes a roofer may not apply sufficient caulking to a seam; your roofer can inspect every joint, seam, and seal
  4. Curb flashings—Skylights require extensive flashing, which is usually a soft, flexible plastic or rubber; these curb flashings are generally not as hardy as metal roofing itself, so over time, ultraviolet rays from the sun can degrade them, leading to roof leaks
  5. Metal panel seams—Metal expands and contracts with thermal expansion; that movement at seams can allow water to slip past and soak through; your metal roofing specialist can correct these issues

Allstate Exteriors & Restoration in central Ohio has the tools, talent, and experience to provide complete metal roofing services for your home. Contact us today to learn how we can diagnose and fix any water leaks in your metal roof.