What To Do If Your Roof Is Leaking After A Hurricane

What To Do If Your Roof Is Leaking After A Hurricane

Image of a hurricane with the text: What To Do If Your Roof Is Leaking After A Hurricane

Life after a hurricane can be challenging for people whose homes were affected by it. Some may lose their house or have it heavily damaged, while others may face power outages, flooding, and other inconveniences. If your roof is affected by a hurricane, you will want to take action to prevent further damage to your house or business. What should you do if your roof leaks after a hurricane? Keep reading for the next steps!

What To Do If Your Roof Is Leaking After A Hurricane

Hurricanes can be devastating to your roof. You might not experience massive damage, but beware if you see missing shingles, storm debris, or a leaking roof! Those can lead to significant problems.

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Inspect Your Ceiling

The first thing you should do is protect the inside of your home. Water has a way of finding ways to escape. It can start as a small puddle in the attic but will eventually find its way to your floor. Make sure to examine the ceiling throughout the entire house. Don’t forget to look in the closet, pantry, bathroom, and linen closets. These spaces might not be as obvious as the living room ceiling.

Capture the Leak

Grab a trash can or bucket to collect the water if you spot a leak. The bucket should be placed directly under the leak so that as much water as possible goes into the bucket without making too much of a mess. You want to minimize the damage to your floors.

Does Your Insurance Company Cover Water Damage

Knowing what to do when a hurricane or storm passes through can be challenging. You must have a plan before a storm hits, including knowing what your insurance company covers and what they do not. You also need to know what your deductibles are before the storms come.

If you live in an area prone to hurricanes and storms, you must check with your insurance company about their coverage for water damage. Knowing if your policy will cover water damage from a hurricane or flood is essential if you live in Florida or another area with a high risk of flooding.

Contact A Roofing Professional

Repairing the roof after a hurricane is vital to prevent further damage to your home. After the storm passes through and you have a leaking roof, contact Allstate Roofing to inspect the damage.

While storms are unpredictable, we can help make sure that your property is protected from any storm damage that comes your way. Our trained professionals are ready to help you get back on track after any storm damage.

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