7 Tools Allstate Exteriors Uses When Working On Your Home |

7 Tools Allstate Exteriors Uses When Working On Your Home

7 Tools Allstate Exteriors Uses When Working On Your Home

With the right tools and some Old World craftsmanship, your home’s new roof, siding or gutters can be installed flawlessly. Just as some folks like to stop and watch a high-rise going up, some homeowners wonder what tools Allstate Exteriors & Restoration Services uses on the job. Here are seven interesting pieces of equipment we deploy to provide you with the best installation and finest customer service. 

1. Laddervator

The Laddervator is a platform hoist. It combines a strong extension ladder with a winch. It is not intended to be climbed like a ladder, though. The operator loads the small platform (with up to 200 or 400 pounds of materials or equipment, depending on the model). The worker stands slightly to the side and operates a handle, raising the load efficiently and nearly effortlessly.

Loads on Laddervators can go anywhere from 12 feet off the ground to a whopping 44 feet up (as high as a four-story building).

Workers avoid having to put materials over their shoulders and climb ladders to get them to the roof. This cuts labor time on getting shingles to your rooftop, often reducing the time by half. This is money saved. The Laddervator also reduces risk to workers, since they do not need to carry a load with one hand and hold onto an extension ladder with the other. 

2. Catch-All 

The Catch-All is a product invented by roofers for roofers. It is, as its inventors say, “a revolutionary new system to protect job sites from roofing debris and property damage during roof replacement.” 

Why would you, the homeowner, care about such a thing? Consider your landscaping, flower beds, hardscaping, and patio furniture. Now consider it being crushed, mangled, struck, or chipped by falling debris from your roof. 

The Catch-All system consists of four parts:

  1. Chute nets
  2. Landscape nets
  3. Reinforced ground nets
  4. Collapsible support poles

Our highly skilled roofers begin the job by assembling these parts to allow the protected, padded ends of the support poles to lean against your house. The nets protect the ground and the landscaping, with the chut nets diverting dropped materials away from your home and onto the ground nets. A dropped hammer, a package of shingles, or a nail gun will not ruin your rose bush or pound your pavers; it will slide harmlessly to the ground. 

3. Equipter

Sure, guys love their gadgets, but roofers love saving time, labor, and money. If a roofer can pass savings along to a customer, they will get plenty of customers. The Equipter lift is a tool which benefits homeowner and roofer alike. 

The Equipter, sometimes called the Roofer’s Buggy, is a self-propelled trailer with a bucket which can be raised and lowered. The Equipter allows roofers to throw debris directly into its raised container instead of dropping it onto the homeowner’s lawn. Most roofing crews can more easily hit a four-cubic-yard container three feet away than a 20-yard Dumpster sitting in the driveway 30 feet away. 

The result of using an Equipter? Faster disposal of roofing debris and fewer bits of roof, nail, and metal on the driveway and landscaping. 

4. Seamless Gutter Machine

A seamless gutter machine takes a spool of contractor-grade (heavy duty) aluminum and bends it into a gutter of any desired length. For you, the homeowner, this means the only seams and joints will be at corners and downspouts, meaning you have far fewer chances for your new, gleaming gutters to leak. 

5. Dump Trailers

A dump trailer uses hydraulics to lift one end of the trailer bed, so heavy materials in the trailer bed slide out easily. This saves tremendous time and labor, since a load of, say, 50 sheets of sheathing can be offloaded in a minute or two, rather than 30 or 40 minutes. 

6. Nail Guns

Shingles are attached to your home’s roof using nail guns. Nail guns shoot roofing nails into the shingle, underlayment, and sheathing with tremendous air pressure, meaning the guns are not toys. Nail guns can cut in half the amount of time needed to shingle a roof. 

The nails in a nail gun are coiled, with roofers going through coil after coil of nails as they move efficiently up your roof from starter course to ridge vents. The time and labor saved is passed onto you as money saved. 

7. Little Giant Ladders

Little Giant ladders fold and articulate in various ways so we can reach complex corners, work over basement access doors, or span valleys. They are multi-position ladders which greatly reduce the need for scaffolding when working on siding or roofing. 

Allstate Exteriors & Restoration Services LLC uses many tools and techniques to provide you, our loyal customers, with the finest in roofing, siding, and gutters for your Central Ohio home. Please contact us today to learn what we can do for you.