Why Are Seamless Gutters The Best Option? |

Why Are Seamless Gutters The Best Option?

Why Are Seamless Gutters The Best Option?

Most local home improvement stores are happy to sell you 12-foot sections of gutter. Buy as many as you want! Then buy gutter connectors, elbows, downspouts, brackets, and on and on. Next, consider climbing a rickety ladder to attach gutters (remembering the correct slope for drainage) to your home. Sounds fun? No? We’ll cut to the chase: seamless gutters are a better option

Regular Gutters

Gutters which are piece-built in sections are regular gutters. To join the sections, a gutter installer has to attach gutter connectors, apply gutter sealant inside, and then join the required lengths to corner gutters and downspouts.

Every joint is a potential water leak. Every joint is where your home’s gutters will fail. Almost no professional gutter installer will even bother with regular gutters, but home improvement stores still stock them. Do-It-Yourselfers are the only customers for these outdated bits of metal. 

Doing it yourself is great for some things: homemade cookies, oil changes on your car. Doing it yourself is never a good idea for anything which requires a ladder, because you introduce the risk of a fall. DIY gutters are additionally a bad idea because of the many opportunities for failure. 

Sure, cobbling together a random assortment of thin sheet metal (mostly aluminum, and generally not very sturdy) from the big-box store is satisfying. Once up on your home, though, how do you think it will look? 

Unless you install gutters every day, you are unlikely to do a very good job. Not only are gutters essential for drainage, they have a visual impact on your home. Do you want sad, drooping, leaking gutters? 

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutter solutions are the superior and modern alternative to regular gutters. Why are seamless gutters better? 

The metal used by professional gutter installers is thicker than what you find at the home improvement store. It generally has a better finish, protected with a clear coat. 

The machine forming your seamless gutters is precise and rugged. The installer can produce exactly the length of gutter needed to run from an elbow to a downspout, no connections or seams needed. 

Seamless gutters avoid the regular pattern of connector, sealant, and potential leak every 10 or 12 feet. With fewer seams, you have fewer likely leaks. 


Gutters are not trendy items. You do not replace your gutters every two years to keep up with the Joneses. Gutters installed by trained professionals are built to last, to add sleek accents in beautiful colors to your home while whisking water away from your foundations. 

You can spend a modest amount on regular gutter bits and pieces, then hope to install them correctly, and run the risk of a ladder accident.

Or, you can pay a little more for professionally installed, heavy-service gutters installed in about a day. Over the life of your home’s gutters, professional gutters are almost comparable in price to DIY gutters. In fact, you may have spend more on repairing and replacing DIY regular gutters two or three times than you would have spent on long-lasting, professionally installed gutters. 


Gutters protect your home’s foundation from weakening. The soil directly against your house foundation should be dry most of the year. Water must be taken away from the foundation so your home is protected. DIY regular gutters can fail in many ways. Professionally built and installed seamless gutters are tough, long-lasting, and better at protecting your home. 

Gutters not only save your foundation, they protect your roof and attic. If clogged or bent gutters allow water in behind the fascia, you can expect water infiltration into your attic or, worse, between exterior and interior walls. 

Sense and Cents

By just about every measure, seamless gutters make sense and save you plenty of cents over regular gutters. If a regular gutter fails and your foundation suffers, imagine the costs you could face:

  • Trenching around your house
  • Repairing the cracked or damaged foundations
  • Sealing the exterior of your foundations
  • Backfilling the trenches
  • Installing seamless gutters

Save yourself both money and mental anguish by opting for seamless gutters in the first place. Preserve both roof and foundation, avoid water infiltration behind the fascia boards, and keep gutters flowing freely. 

By partnering with professionals, you also increase your options:

  • Aluminum seamless gutters which never rust or corrode
  • Copper gutters to grace your home with a luxurious, high-end style
  • K-style profiles for contemporary homes
  • Half-round profiles for historic or older homes 
  • Gutter guards to keep insects and leaves out and water flowing freely

Allstate Exteriors & Restoration is your Central Ohio connection to the best seamless gutters for your home. Choose from many options, colors, and profiles. Contact us today so beautiful new seamless gutters can be part of your home’s transformation.