3 Ways Your Roof Replacement Is Kept Clean |

3 Ways Your Roof Replacement Is Kept Clean

3 Ways Your Roof Replacement Is Kept Clean

Congratulations on the right decision to replace your home’s roof. That momentous choice probably stressed you out, but it leaves in its wake many other issues that may cause you to worry. Will my roofer arrive as scheduled? Will my home, yard, and roof stay safe and tidy? How, exactly, will my roofer clean up our property before, during, and after roof repair or replacements?

1. Upon Arrival

The roofing crew from a reputable, local roofer will arrive early in the morning. Immediately, the crew members perform different tasks:

  • Positioning equipment
  • Unloading materials
  • Distributing tools
  • Preparing and protecting your landscaping, flower beds, shrubs, and yard with tarps

Good roofing crews go about these jobs with minimal direction from the project manager. They have done this work many times and are all highly skilled. They know what they are doing. 

Your yard is a priority. A good contractor wants to leave behind a professional roof replacement and nothing else; no debris, nails, or any other trace of the replacement. Tarps protect your beautiful landscaping from shingle granules, nails, stray bits of metal, scraps of underlayment, and odd items tossed off the roof. 

Complex or high roofs may require additional measures to protect the crew and your home. The workers will pay special attention to dormers, bay windows, porch roofs, and other details. 

2. During Work

Once the yard is prepared and protected, your roofers will remove your old roof in preparation for replacing it with a beautiful, protective new roof. Each old roof is different (some are shingles, tiles, or metal, slate, or shakes), but generally, most of the roofing crew removes the old roof while a few crew members clean up the debris. 

Worn-out roofing materials can be tossed directly from the roof into a container for carting away, or some of the materials may be dropped (carefully) to the tarps below. Working as a team, ground members step in to haul away debris thrown from the roof while members on the roof time their disposal to avoid injuring their colleagues. 

When a roof is higher, materials are sometimes moved in two stages: first to a lower point still on the roof and then into the ground-level container for removal. 

The crew takes extra precautions to protect your yard and vulnerable areas of your roof during the job! No quality roofing crew will ever toss materials out into your yard. You should not see divots and gouges from the re-roofing process on your lawn. 

Throughout the roof replacement project, at least one crew member is working the yard, cleaning, spotting problems, picking up stray debris, and protecting your property. 

3. After Installation

Whether you opt for an economical shingle roof replacement or a long-lasting metal roof replacement, your roof will be done astonishingly fast. Then the crew concentrates on cleaning up, packing away, inventorying tools, gathering unused materials and supplies, and inspecting the finished product. 

A magnetic broom — a clever wheeled invention with a strong magnet on a handle — is wheeled around your yard to catch any stray bits of ferrous metal that did not fall into the tarps. Your gutters are cleaned of anything that may have rolled into them (underlayment scraps, nails, flashing pieces). 

The project manager will inspect the finished roof replacement, noting every aspect and checking each component carefully. Then everyone’s attention will turn to the tarps, the container, and your property. 

All hands will collect the remaining debris, fold the tarps inward (to contain any dirt or small items), and put them in the trucks. The container(s) will be removed on a schedule set by the roofing contractor. 


A quality roofing contractor has the goal of leaving your property in pristine condition. Cleaning is not an afterthought with a competent, attentive roofing crew. It is part of the process of replacing your home’s roof. 

For the very best roofers, roof replacement cleanup and site maintenance has three parts: 

  1. Cover and protect
  2. Monitor and collect
  3. Tidy and inspect

Good roofing contractors value their clients, not as a one-off, single-visit customers. Your roof replacement may represent a considerable outlay on your part (time, money, stress, worry), but it is one of perhaps four replacements the roofer will complete in a week. 

The roofer wants you to stay loyal, call for repair work, enhancements and accessories, and inspections. Part of the impeccable customer service you deserve includes thorough cleaning during and after any job. 

If you value a clean yard, roof, and property, please contact us today at Allstate Exteriors & Restoration in Central Ohio. We not only perform superior roofing work, we always clean up after ourselves.