Do You Really Need Gutters On Your Home? |

Do You Really Need Gutters On Your Home?

Do You Really Need Gutters On Your Home?

A properly installed gutter system is an integral part of your home’s roof. Without it, water can collect around the foundation of a house and cause significant damage to its foundation. When you notice your gutter system stops working the way it used it, it’s critical to have the issue addressed by a roofing professional right away. Here is some valuable information about residential gutter systems, why they’re so important, and what kind of gutters you should consider for your home.

Why Gutters are So Important

When it rains, your home’s gutter system is responsible for redirecting the flow of water away from the house. This water is then diverted to various downspouts to keep water from penetrating the home’s foundation or causing a water leak into the basement. Without gutters, falling water can potentially enter your roof through the roof edge, fascia, soffit, or siding. Over time, this water will cause considerable damage to your home. If you notice signs of moisture on the walls or ceiling inside your home, it’s vital to have the issue addressed right away. Ongoing roof leaks will accelerate wood rot and corrosion of metal components in your home’s infrastructure, not to mention contribute to the growth of dangerous mold.

Seamless Gutters are Best

The best gutters on the market are seamless gutters. These gutters formed on-site as the installation is taking place and are comprised of one continuous piece. Seamless gutters are joined only at the corners which helps prevent water from leaking as it flows to the downspouts. Seamless gutters are typically made from metals like aluminum or copper.

Invest in Professional Gutter Installation

It’s a good idea to find a trusted local team of professionals to install your home’s new gutter system. Seamless gutter installation is challenging, dangerous work. It’s never a good idea to attempt gutter installation on your own. Experts will ensure the gutter system is installed properly and many companies will offer guarantees for their work. Ask about ongoing gutter maintenance or roof maintenance plans to keep your gutter system in optimal shape going forward.

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