Important Steps to Find and Confirm Roofing Contractor License |

Important Steps to Find and Confirm Roofing Contractor License

Important Steps to Find and Confirm Roofing Contractor License 

Important Steps to Find and Confirm Roofing Contractor License 

We can all agree that the roof is a critical part of any building, which is why it’s so important to take proper care of it. As a property owner, this is why you must be very cautious when carrying out any professional roof installation, maintenance, or repair operations.

You might not know that you need to pay attention to more than the contractor’s expertise, experience, professionalism, cost, and reputation. To ensure you’re getting the best services possible, you must confirm that your contractor is fully licensed, insured, and authorized to offer roofing services in your state and region.

To help you navigate this potentially frustrating aspect of responsible home ownership, we will take a closer look at how you can determine the license status of potential roofing contractors in the United States and why it’s so important that you do so.

Let’s dive right in.

Determining a Roofing Contractor’s License Validity

The internet makes determining your roofing contractor’s license’s validity easier than ever. The trick here is knowing which website to visit and what information to seek. Because each state is responsible for its business licenses, you can choose from multiple state websites. 

Each site should have a field where you will type in the contractor’s business name, after which it will give you the results you seek. In reverse, you should also be able to type in a license number, resulting in the contractor’s business name.

  • License Checks in Florida: The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation will display all the requirements contractors need to meet to operate in Florida. To check on specific contractors and their licenses, look them up here.
  • License Checks in Ohio: Here, contractor licensing is carried out at the local level. To find the relevant municipality for your property, check the Ohio list of municipal websites. You can then verify specific contractors’ licensing status here

Because we don’t have the space to cover all the states here, we won’t. If you find any state’s roofing contractor portal, you should be able to view the contractor’s business license. 

A helpful feature of these official state websites is that they outline all the licensing requirements for that state, meaning that they offer a great way of assessing prospective contractors’ qualifications. 

Risk Factors of Hiring Unlicensed Contractors

The United States does not have blanket licensing requirements covering all the various states. This means that each state is responsible for setting the standards contractors should meet and ensuring they maintain them. Some states make it mandatory for roofing contractors to hold home improvement of building contractor licenses.

Others will only call for specific roofing contractor licenses, while others leave the matter of contractor licensing to local authorities rather than state bodies. 

While all this might seem rather bothersome, homeowners must understand that there are real potential consequences when hiring unlicensed roofing contractors. These include:

  • Roofing Warranty Voidance: The quickest way to lose warranty protection for your property is by taking on unlicensed roofing contractors to work on your residence. In case of any problems the manufacturer would have otherwise compensated, you will be on your own, potentially costing you thousands of dollars. You can only have repair costs covered under warranty if a licensed contractor carries out the roof installation. 
  • Haphazard Contractor Standards: Any contractor willing to work without a license will undoubtedly be willing to work without getting other papers and requirements in order. These include essential requirements such as insurance, permits, warranties, and the job contract.

Remember that any contractor working without a license will be breaking the law, no matter how experienced, professional, and affordable they are or what their reputation is. Time will always run out for such contractors, and you might be the unlucky client whose project is thrown into disarray when this inevitably happens. 

Resist the temptation of hiring an unlicensed contractor based on friends or family connections. You will be more likely to overlook obvious red flags such as their insurance status, work history, and overall suitability for the job at hand. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re dealing with a contractor that does business in more than one state, they will need to have a valid license for each state they operate in, so do not be persuaded by an out-of-state license, however valid it may be. Each jurisdiction in which they are legally allowed to conduct their business will carry a separate licensing record.

Remember that any competent, qualified, and licensed roofing contractor will be more than happy to provide you with their license number or, at the very least, their business registration number. 

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