How Can You Prepare For Your New Siding To Be Installed? |

How Can You Prepare For Your New Siding To Be Installed?

How Can You Prepare For Your New Siding To Be Installed?

Planning ahead of any home improvement project can make the job much easier. By getting ready for a new siding installation today, you can end up saving a lot of time and money down the road. If you’re having new siding installed on your home soon, here are a few ways you can get prepared.

Get Familiar with Local Building Codes

Take some time to learn about local building regulations and ordinances that could affect your siding installation. While most experienced siding contractors are up to speed with all relevant building codes, it helps to understand the basics to avoid issues later. Failing to adhere to local laws related to residential construction can result in steep fines or even shutting down the project. Consult with a siding professional if you have any questions regarding building codes or speak with the HOA governing home improvement projects in your neighborhood.

Hire a Reliable Siding Contractor

Installing new siding is challenging work best left to professionals. Spend a few moments to find a trusted siding contractor with a solid reputation. You’ll also want to narrow down your search to contractors who are fully licensed and insured. A reliable siding contractor will ensure the job gets done safely and efficiently. Many top contractors offer comprehensive guarantees, warranties, and siding maintenance plans to protect your siding for years to come as well. If recent severe weather is why you need to replace your siding, be wary of “storm chasers” offering cheap services. 

Prepare your Premises for the Project

Consider moving yard furniture or other items around the outside of the home could make some sections of the siding challenging to access. If needed, trim back tree limbs or foliage as well. It could also be helpful to clear some space for workers to stage materials and cut pieces of siding. Since the work will involve some pounding on the home, you may also want to remove any valuables hung up against the walls before the project begins.

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