How Much Does House Siding Cost to Install or Replace?

How Much Does House Siding Cost to Install or Replace?

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If you are ready to add new siding to your home, you’ll want to know how the project will impact your wallet. There’s no denying that siding installation or replacement can be costly, so it makes sense to wonder, “How much does house siding cost to install or replace?”

Well, the final price tag will depend on several factors, including the type of siding you choose, the shape of your house, the condition of your current siding, and even the local weather. Because siding protects the inside of your home from the elements, you want to choose the best quality material and work with a reliable home improvement contractor.

Type of Siding Material 

Two workers installing siding on a house: How Much Does House Siding Cost to Install or Replace?The most significant cost variation within your control as a homeowner is the type of siding material you choose for your home. Different types of siding, such as vinyl, fiber cement, wood, stone, and brick, can vary significantly in price. 

For instance, vinyl is the most affordable siding option, while stone and brick are often the most expensive. Different styles and grades can also affect the cost of each siding material type.

It’s good practice to treat siding as a long-term investment. High-quality siding will protect your house for decades. Low-cost siding might appear attractive initially, but you’ll likely need another replacement in a few years.

Siding Quality 

There are different levels of quality within each type of siding material. These may be categorized as “Best, Better, Good,” designated by the material’s thickness or level of design. 

This expounds the range in the pricing of each material. You must discuss the recommended quality for your location and neighborhood with a contractor.

The Size of Your Home

Another factor that affects the cost of installing or replacing siding is the square footage of the area that needs to be covered. So, the larger the size of your house, the more materials you will be required to purchase and the higher the installation cost. 

A two-story home, for instance, would require more siding material, time, manpower, and additional equipment, leading to a more significant project cost.

The Intricacy of Exterior Design 

The detail and complexity of your home’s exterior façade will significantly impact the cost of materials and labor. If your house has a simple box shape, the cost of installing or replacing siding will be lower than that of a home with dormers and complicated wall angles. 

More detailed and complex house designs require custom cuts, which tend to result in more material waste. This increases material and installation costs.

Old Siding Condition

If you live in an older house, issues like termite damage or rotten wood may need to be repaired before installing the new siding. You’ll likely pay more to remove the worn parts and prepare the exterior surface for new siding.

What’s more, if the walls of your home are uneven or wavy, your siding contractor may suggest the installation of flat insulation under the new siding to level out the wall for the new siding. 

If the current siding is in good shape but just past its expiry date, less preparation will be required, and therefore, the cost of labor will be a little less.

Old Siding Removal

Some contractors might suggest installing the new materials on top of the old siding to save your budget from ballooning. However, for the most part, the old siding must be removed first. This allows the contractor to rectify nests, pests, and rot issues. 

However, layering over the current siding can diminish the look and performance of the finished product. Siding installation requires an empty base to ensure the material reaches its expected lifespan with little to no problems. Depending on the intricacy of the process, removing the old siding will attract additional costs. 


Labor costs differ based on the market rates in the home’s geographical location and are occasionally priced hourly or by the job. Some siding materials require more attention to detail compared to others and therefore take longer.

When hiring a siding contractor, be sure to inquire about how labor costs are itemized and how they’ll be affected by different factors, such as weather, material delays, and the condition of the old siding.

Reliable Siding Installation for Your Home

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