How Expensive Is It To Repair Or Replace Your Siding? |

How Expensive Is It To Repair Or Replace Your Siding?

How Expensive Is It To Repair Or Replace Your Siding?

Siding is meant to cover the exterior surface of your home envelope and improve its curb appeal and insulating value. Depending on the siding material and the quality of installation, your siding should last anywhere between 10 to 50 years. Whether it’s engineered wood, fiber cement, or vinyl siding, it will eventually wear down or suffer storm or impact damage. When this happens, you’ll need to decide on whether to repair or replace your siding.

What Goes Into the Cost Of Getting New Siding

When your current siding is old and worn out or damaged beyond repair, it will require complete replacement, and the cost can vary widely depending on the following factors:

Type of Siding

The overall cost of siding replacement is influenced primarily by your choice. Vinyl siding is usually the most affordable material. However, the replacement cost can escalate if you consider the additional fixtures like fascia, soffit, and crown and trim moldings. Fiber cement siding costs almost double the price of vinyl siding. The labor cost can equally increase due to the weight of fiber cement siding panels. Engineered wood costs nearly the same as fiber cement, but the labor cost for the installation might be lower.

Size of House

The cost also depends on the total surface area of your house. Typically, siding contractors work out the cost of siding replacement per square footage of your house’s exterior. This means a larger home will undoubtedly have a higher price and vice versa.

Architectural Details of the House 

If the architectural design of your home features gables and several windows, doors, and chimneys, the cost of siding replacement can go up. A house with multiple corners and intricate details such as trim, drip caps, soffits, fascia, and channel supports will cost more to replace.

Additionally, what goes underneath the siding, such as underlayment, and what needs to come off your house first, such as old underlayment and insulation, will add to the project’s cost.

Repairing Vs Replacing Siding

If your current siding isn’t severely beaten, your siding contractor may recommend fixing a few damaged panels to reduce costs and give your home a few extra years of protection. The cost of repairing siding will depend on how much needs to be repaired and the siding material. Since siding materials are sold per square footage, the more repairs needed, the higher the cost.

Future Maintenance Requirements

Each siding material fares differently in terms of maintenance needs and how long they last. Vinyl and fiber cement all require relatively little maintenance. However, engineered wood might need regular touchups or repainting to keep it looking great. In terms of durability and longevity, fiber cement is a worry-free material designed to last. Vinyl can, however, crack under harsh weather or dent when struck by debris.

A Trusted Local Siding Contractor Can Help!

Siding acts as the first line of defense against relentless weather conditions, so it’s essential to keep it in great shape. When correctly installed, high-quality siding will safeguard the integrity of your home’s structure while providing insulation from exterior colds and heat. If you’re considering siding repair or replacement in Central Ohio, Allstate Exteriors & Restoration has got you covered. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection!