How To Choose The Best Roof Shingle Color |

How To Choose The Best Roof Shingle Color

How To Choose The Best Roof Shingle Color

When you need to get a new roof for your Central Ohio home, what color of roof shingles is best? Going through all of your color options can seem overwhelming, but keeping a few factors in mind can help. Consider the following when you need to pick a roof shingle color.

House Color

The color of your house can help determine the right shingle color for your residential roof. You want to choose a color which blends in with your home for a smooth, uniform look. Another option is to choose a contrasting shingle color for a bolder, eye-catching look. Just make sure the shingle color doesn’t clash with your house color.

Architectural Style

Your home’s architectural style can help you narrow down your shingle color options. You’ll find different color palettes available for different architectural styles.


Think about the way the sun shines on your home throughout the year. Sunlight can make certain colors look more vivid or more faded at different times of the day or in different seasons.

Energy Efficiency

The shingle color you choose can also impact your home’s energy efficiency. Lighter colors typically reflect sunlight more instead of absorbing it. This helps improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Natural Habitat

Your natural surroundings can also affect your roof shingle color choice. Consider whether you have trees or wooded areas around you when you compare different color options.


If you’re part of a homeowner’s association, look into your HOA rules and regulations before you start browsing through shingle colors. Your HOA might have restrictions on the colors you’re allowed to choose for your roof.

Personal Preference

While it’s important to weigh different factors, your shingle color choice comes down to your personal preference. In addition to considering these factors, choose a color you find visually appealing.

Shingle Style

You’ll also need to choose a style for your shingles, such as three-tab or architectural. Take a drive around your neighborhood to see what kinds of shingles other houses have. This can help you get an idea of how different shapes might look on your own home.

If you’re looking for new roof shingles for your Central Ohio home, please contact Allstate Exteriors and Restoration today to get more information on our services. Trust the experts at our company to help you choose the ideal shape and color for your roof shingles.