Are Gutter Warranties Really Necessary For The Average Homeowner? Yes! And Here's Why: |

Are Gutter Warranties Really Necessary For The Average Homeowner? Yes! And Here’s Why:

Are Gutter Warranties Really Necessary For The Average Homeowner? Yes! And Here's Why:

Most homeowners are familiar with roofing warranties and their perks. This is why they always hire expert roofers for repairs and replacements. Sadly, most don’t know gutters, too, have unique warranties. Do you? If not, don’t worry; you’re in the right place. This article explores the roles of gutters and the options available in the market. It also discusses gutter warranties and common issues covered by them. Dig in and read till the end.

Why Should Every Home Have Gutters?


Let’s kick off with a few benefits of gutters:


Gutters Protect Your Home’s Foundation


One component that holds your house up and prevents it from unevenly sinking is the foundation. Unfortunately, several issues can undermine its integrity and ability to function seamlessly, with water damage at the top of the list.

Water can pool around your house, exert pressure against the foundation, and encourage the walls to bow and crack. It may also facilitate soil expansion and swelling, which eventually cause an unstable foundation.

Gutters help you avoid countless water damage issues by directing rainwater to downspouts and, eventually, away from your home’s foundation.


Gutters Stave Off Basement Flooding


According to Statistics, 98% of basements in the United States are likely to experience water damage at some point. Scary, but true nonetheless. The culprits which often cause this massive problem include water seepage through foundation walls, storm sewer backup, and excessive surface runoff.

Gutters can help you stop most complications responsible for basement flooding. For starters, by using them, you can prevent water pools and, consequently, foundation damage and seepages. Also, these items catch the water rolling off your roof and deposit it safely from your roof, lowering the chances of rainwater splashing into the basement.


Which are the Best Gutters Today?


You now know why your home needs gutters. Which brings us to the next pertinent question: which products should you choose? Here are some worthwhile options:


Seamless gutters: Manufacturers make seamless gutters without partitioning them into sections with joints and seams. Therefore, they are one-piece items and impervious to most issues associated with regular products, including premature leaks.
Copper gutters: If your home demands gutters highly resistant to corrosion and mold growth, go with products made of copper. They can be wonderful, more so in highly-humid areas like Florida. Plus, this material is durable and gives your roof an elegant look.
Aluminum gutters: Aluminum gutters are the most popular choice today for various reasons. First, they are affordable, making them accessible to most homeowners, even those working with limited budgets. Aluminum gutters are also lightweight, come in different colors, and are relatively easy to install.
Half-round gutters: As the name suggests, these gutters resemble a tube sawn in half. They are U-shaped and subsequently fit for older, historic homes. But modern structures, too, can enjoy the benefits of half-round gutters, including less susceptibility to corrosion and cleaner lines.
K-style gutters: K-style gutters have a flat bottom and a curved edge. From the side, they resemble the letter ‘K,’ which is where these items get their name. Their shape allows them to hold more water than other alternatives without bending or protruding. Roofers can easily nail them onto the fascia board since they are flat.

Since different gutters are available in the market, use various factors to determine the right one for your home. These include your area’s weather conditions and your building’s roof area.


Are Gutter Warranties Necessary?


Yes, guarantee warranties are necessary. But before we dive into it, let’s discuss the two common causes of premature gutter failure and damage:


Poor Installation


Gutter installation isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s a complicated task riddled with countless pitfalls. For instance, you can install these components incorrectly and encourage complications like overflows or water pools.

Or, you may choose the wrong gutter size by failing to consider indispensable factors like your locale’s average rainfall and roof pitch and size. Worse yet, due to lack of experience, you may create too many seams, giving rainwater the opportunity it needs to wreak havoc in your home.


Poor Choice of Materials


The market is saturated with gutters made from different materials, from wood and zinc to copper and aluminum. You must choose a suitable option based on various factors, including your desired durability and the visual appeal you’re going for—also, factor in your existing roof style and budget limitations.

Downplaying the essential nature of the right gutter material is inadvisable because the wrong products will likely be damaged during installation. And if they don’t, aspects like harsh weather will hasten their deterioration, meaning premature replacements.

Luckily, by hiring a professional roofer with gutter guarantees, your home will be covered against many detrimental issues, including poor workmanship.


We are Here for You


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